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Hi, my name is Aaron J. Monson, I’m an innovator with a passion for film, business, and technology.

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“If you work hard in your twenties you won’t have to work as hard when you’re older” -Unknown

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Don’t call yourself a leader if you not willing to do the work yourself.


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About Me


Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ve always been driven to make a difference and to do more than the average person. Being raised in an Irish Roman Catholic family my parents instilled strict moral and ethical values that have helped define my personality, and what I aim to achieve. My private education lead to an accelerated learning curve which resulted in an early graduation from high school and helped to excel my studies in college. I moved to Overland Park, Kansas in 2012 and since then I made it my goal to do everything within my abilities to learn, teach, and help others. I’m both guided by mentors and I use the information I’m taught to teach everyone in my friend group to help them succeed.



Immediately after relocating to Overland Park, Kansas I pursued an education in Web Development and Digital Media. While attending Johnson County Community College I founded the “Web Club” and sat as President for the duration of my college career. Between classes I worked as the Marketing & Promotion Manager for the college “ECAV” online-radio station and I maintained a radio show, podcast, and daily vlog (2015-2017). In my spare time, I attended additional leadership development courses, which I completed with honors. I graduated from the school and immediately began utilizing my education by starting my own freelance production and development businesses.



Outside of school, I maintained a position with Red Bull North America as an Event Logistics team-member for 5 years (from 2014 to 2019) and worked as the digital marketing coordinator for a local software company Memberjets for 2 years. In my spare time I conducted my own studies of networking and telecommunications technology which lead to the filing of a provisional patent application of a new invention called a “Cognitive Multiple Hop Mobile Ad Hoc Network.” Inevitably leading the the establishment of the Event IT company Crowd Atlas, LLC – Technology, which the technology is currently under development by a team of software engineers.



In my third semester of college I founded my first business (Crowd Atlas, LLC – Digital Media) servicing film production companies and marketing agencies as a Film Production Assistant. Within the first year I expanded services to include Production Coordination and Production Management. Since 2016 I have worked on over 160 film commercial and political productions 57 film productions alone in 2018.

With the rapid expansion of my business I began offering additional services under the red branded image (AJM CO). In 2019 I expanded services again to include additional Film Production Services, Film Location Services, Film IT Services, and a new service line intended for Visual Animations, 3D Architecture, Construction, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Interior Design, and Virtual Reality Business Tools.

In 2017 I founded Crowd Atlas – Technology which is a subsidiary of AJM Co. and operates as an independent entity focused on the research and development of emerging technology. (company currently under confidential development).

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Film Production

Broadcast Commercial Advertisements

Below are many of the recognizable brands I’ve worked with in my career. I have experience in many roles in the commercial film industry but I specialize in administrative roles such as Producer, Production Manager, and Production Coordinator.

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Interior and Exterior Mapping

What does it do?

This technology can centralize all the information about your home or business into a SINGLE LINK by embedding all your content into an interactive virtual tour. Increase engagement with 3D and Virtual Reality walk-through and use the data for 3D software manipulation.


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